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Could your eating patterns be a sign of something deeper?

Do you ever feel a loss of control around food, and then ashamed after eating? Feelings of hopelessness, despair, and hatred towards your body?

Food and body struggles emerge for a reason. They are a result of what’s occurring within - sometimes complex and confusing thoughts, feelings, urges, and struggles that need healing.

Focus offers you that opportunity in a safe and reassuring environment.

This is a real chance for you to resolve the endless guilt, the obsessive thoughts about food, the distress after a binge episode, and the increasing lack of self-esteem and body loathing.

To find out more about our caring approach to Mind, Mood, Food, and Body explore our Website. You’ll discover we also offer many specialized approaches to help you on your journey to recovery.

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Focus offers a variety of wellness and support services that address the intersection of mind, mood, food, and body.  Doctoral and Master's Level practitioners are experienced and compassionate, offering medication management, psychiatric assessments, psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, massage therapy, trauma therapy, yoga instruction, and intensive outpatient treatment for eating disorders.  Services are available for adults as well as adolescents (13 and up).  

The eating disorder treatment program at Focus is covered by most major insurance plans, including TN Care and Cover Kids.  However, all other outpatient services are cash pay only (not covered by insurance).

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