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Focus Integrative Centers offers a variety of ways to move the body in joy and awareness, including Yoga for Recovery, Curvy Yoga, Zumba, and more. Our classes and descriptions are provided below to help you find the class or classes best suited to your interests and lifestyle.

Classes and Descriptions

Yoga for Recovery

This yoga class is open to anyone in recovery from an eating disorder, body image struggles, drug or alcohol abuse, or any other recovery path. The class is led by Meryl Kerns, CYT, LMT who approaches body awareness and body movement with sensitivity to past traumas and with intuitive, compassionate attention to the needs of everyone in the class. Yoga for Recovery is every Thursday from 7:15pm-8:30pm. The cost to attend is $10.

Curvy Yoga

This is a fun and supportive yoga class for curvy people. Debbie Phelan, C-IAYT, RYT500 is a curvy woman with specialized training and certification in yoga poses and props to support those with curves. Debbie believes that gentle moves of yoga support the restoration of the mind-body connection. Practice involves sublte breath work accompanied with gentle stretching movement. Benefits of yoga-therapeutic practice may include improved posture, balance, body awareness, concentration, flexibility, range of motion, energy, and overall health as well as reduced stress and tension. Curvy yoga classes are every Monday from 6pm-7pm. The cost to attend is $10.

Zelf-Love Zumba

This special Zumba class is by Caroline Whitaker, whose approach focuses on using gentle movement to celebrate the body exactly as it is, rather than punishing it. She believes self-love and self-acceptance bloom when people can let loose and have fun in a shame-free environment. Caroline incorporates infectious rhythms and fun, easy-to-learn choreography to create a dance experience that celebrates all bodies at all shapes, sizes, and talent levels. Classes are every Saturday at 11am for $5.

Yoga, Dance & Body Movement Class Calendar

Our Yoga, Dance & Body Movement open classes are listed in the calendar below. Individual sessions for private instruction are also available upon request (depending on staff availability). To schedule a private session, please use our form at the bottom of the page to request your appointment.

Upcoming Classes

Yoga, Dance, & Body Movement Instructors

Our yoga, dance, and body movement teachers are here to help you develop a healthy connection with your body. Whether you're seeking general stress relief, interested in getting more attuned with your body, or ready to slowly and safely move towards healing past traumas to the body, our sensitive, experienced staff is available to support you.

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