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Services Offered by Focus Integrative Centers

Focus Integrative Centers specializes in the intersection of mind, mood, food, trauma, and relationships. This encompasses a wide range of services such as help regulating thoughts, feelings, eating and exercise, physical discomfort, underlying distress/trauma, medication management, and much more. The compassionate and experienced, multi-disciplinary staff at Focus include PhD and Master’s level practitioners in the areas of psychology, counseling, nutrition, medication management, and yoga.

Individuals, couples, and families typically come to Focus Integrative Centers to receive support in one or ore of the following areas: mindfulness training, stress management, mood disorders (anxiety, depression), trauma resolution (EMDR therapy), family/relationship issues, eating disorders (binge eating, bulimia, anorexia, and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder), food/body disturbances (emotional eating, stress eating, compulsive overeating, exercise addiction, and body image struggles), nutritional consultation (meal planning, special dietary needs), and/or medication management. If you are seeking expert guidance in one or more of these areas, or in another related area not listed, please reach out anytime. We would love to support you in your personal journey towards health and wholeness.

The eating disorder treatment program at Focus is covered by most major insurance plans, including TN Care and Cover Kids.  However, all other outpatient services are cash pay only (not covered by insurance).

Eating Disorder Treatment


Food & Nutrition Therapy

Residential Programs for EAting Disorders and Alcohol or Drug Addiction

If you are an adult struggling with an eating disorder and/or an addiction to alcohol or drugs, please know recovery is possible. Focus Treatment Centers in Chattanooga, TN offers compassionate and comprehensive addiction treatment within a down-to-earth, confidential, and medically safe Center of Excellence. To learn more, please visit the Focus Treatment Centers website below.