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Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This week is nationally recognized as eating disorder awareness week (February 25th– March 3rd, 2019). Eating disorders are biologically based mental illnesses that affect an estimated 30 million Americans of all ages, genders, socio-economic status, and ethnicities.  Eating disorders are serious and life-threatening, and of all mental health illnesses, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate.

Types of eating disorders include clinical diagnosis: binge eating disorder, bulimia, anorexia, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder, as well as sub-clinical diagnosis: diabulimia, orthorexia, body dysmorphia, exercise addiction, and/or other related issues that impact normative food intake, exercise habits, and regulated body image.

The Cure for Resolution Burnout

Show of hands: How many of us created resolutions to start off 2019 on the “right foot”? Most of us, right?

Now for those of us who raised our hands (myself included): how many of those resolutions have been abandoned already?

Statistics suggest that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February. Isn’t that wild? Turns out, it’s not just normal - it’s completely understandable.