About Focus Integrative Centers

Focus Integrative Centers specializes in the intersection of healing mind, mood, food, and body. At Focus, we believe that every person deserves to live a whole, rich, and full life, and we take great care in walking this unique journey side by side with each of our clients. No one’s constellation of struggles looks exactly the same, which is why we offer individualized and specialized support with well-educated, experienced, compassionate providers. Focus is accredited by the Joint Commission and upholds the most rigorous standards in clinical excellence.

The interdisciplinary staff at Focus is comprised of MD, PhD, and Master’s Level providers who are experts in their fields. Some typical types of things that are treated at Focus may include binge eating disorder, bulimia, anorexia, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, emotional eating, stress eating, compulsive overeating, over-exercise, orthorexia, diabulia, underlying trauma, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, OCD, relationship issues, family issues, life stress, chronic pain, addiction recovery (drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, shopping), body image issues, and related struggles.

INTER-DISCIPLINARY team of experts

Administrative Team